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              Do you have the following concerns when choosing products?

              - Concern about purchasing LED outdoor lamps-
              • Many factories make it difficult to choose.
                There are many manufacturers of LED outdoor lamps. How to find a strong manufacturer to undertake the product supply of large projects?
              • Dishonesty, insecurity
                The vendors chosen are dishonest, the promises given cannot be fulfilled, and the cooperation is not guaranteed?
              • Quality of products
                The quality of LED outdoor lamps on the market is uneven, and the poor quality of products brings a lot of trouble?
              • Personnel are unprofessional
                Technical personnel are not professional, not comprehensive consideration, installation guidance is not meticulous, time-consuming?
              • After-sales Insecurity
                Pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale service is not perfect, the problem is difficult to solve? Is it inefficient to deal with things?

              Reasons for choosing us

              - We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of LED products. -
              Mingyou Group has 13,000 square meters of plant and production R&D center, advanced equipment, strong technical force, more than 500 employees, annual sales of 25 million US dollars, the company's network and branches throughout the country's first and second-class cities. The company has passed ISO9000, 2000 version of the international quality management certification, EU ROHS certification, CE certification, 3C certification. The company's excellent quality, competitive price, and professional services have won the love of the vast number of overseas users.
              • 20%
                Cost saving
              • 99%
                Delivery on schedule
              • 100%
                Genuine guarantee
              • 100%
                Customer Satisfaction
              • Brand advantage
              • High cost performance ratio
              • Advanced equipment
              • Professional team
              • Enterprise advantage
              • Service advantages


              - One-stop service, striving to build the supreme brand -
              • The Overall Lighting
              • City Landmarks
              • Commercial Complex
              • Star Hotel
              • Stadium Project
              Night lighting design of Hangzhou CBD
              Night landscape lighting design of Tianjin Bay Park
              Night landscape lighting design of Xiang Rive
              Landscape of the lake of Wuzhong
              Lighting design of Wuhan has two rivers and four Banks
              The island of Yuzhong
              Ligting design of Dalian conference center
              Lighting design of Zhengzhou international exibition
              Lighting design of Zhuhai international exhibition
              Lighting design of Nantong Wanda mall
              Night lighting design of Wanda mall
              Lighting design of Intercontinental Hotel Kunming
              Lighting design of Hilton in Zhoushan
              Shenzhen universiade venue

              About Us

              - High-tech enterprises integrating product development, production and sales -

              Shenzhen Ming You Lightting Group

              Shenzhen Ming You Lightting Group is a professional LED high-tech electronic enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales. At present, the company is divided into two business units, LED lighting business unit and solar electric vehicle business unit. In terms of LED lamps, through ten years of innovative development, the company has strong experience in landscape lighting and night tour economy, providing customers with the best lighting solutions and high-quality lamps. In the field of new energy, the company introduces experts and technologies with core competitiveness, and advances by leaps and bounds in the field of solar energy.


              - Our service and strength are the reasons for your reassuring choice. -
              • Group dynamics
              • Industry
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